My furry friends

My furry friends
Where's the birdie?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Freebie Friday

Good evening friends, I hope you are enjoying your weekend? I have had a lovely day with my friends doing a workshop with Mandy Murphy from Stampin' up.
Here are the pictures of the cards we made:

 Post it note holder

I cant believe I made 8 cards, that has to be a record!
Now, I know we don't like to talk about Christmas in August but lets face it, its never too early for us crafters. So, with that in mind this weeks download is a collection of Santa digistamps.
Please go to the main site for the download.

Friday, 23 August 2013

What a week!

Good evening bloggers, I hope you have all had a good week? Mine has been manic but very enjoyable!
We had friends from Sussex come up and spend a couple of days with us, it was also my birthday on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who gave me cards, (all 24 of them!) I had so many beautiful hand made cards which of course will be kept in my collection. 
I thought I would bore you all stupid and share some of the photos from the week.
Mark and Steve in Marks new car

They thought they looked cool, how little they car, shame about the old farts inside it!!!

Sharon took this lovely picture of Shadow fast asleep.

Pictures of our day out in Newark

What a couple of ..................posers!

Should have been behind the bars.......

Ok Mark, you really can stop posing now!

Newark castle

I hope I havent bored you too much!
I am going away on holiday for a week to Wales, so I shan't be posting for a while but if I get time tomorrow I will try and upload a freebie,so watch this space! All for now, Tina x 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Freebie Friday

Its that time again! Dont the weeks go by quickly?
Well, the workshop went well yesterday, the ladies enjoyed making the interlocking frame cards and made two each. I need to watch myself, or they will want to come to the house more often! They certainly dont get afternoon tea at the bowls club, thanks to Lauren and Roisin for baking the cakes.
I am doing another demo next week, this time the card is all about the background. They will each be given some hexagon templates and they will need to create a quilt style backing as in the photo. It should keep them occupied for a while! The choice of toppers and embellishments is theirs.

Freebie Friday
With the recent birth of the Royal baby, I thought it might be nice to give away a couple of baby toppers so please go to the main site for the download.
All for now, Tina x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Workshops and Demos

Good evening Bloggers! I hope you are having a good week and enjoying the cooler weather?
I have such a busy week, I was out for the day yesterday, I have been at a workshop with Llinda this afternoon, tomorrow I have a club meeting at my house and then I think I am going to the cinema with my friends! No rest for the wicked as the say!
I have a demo for the ladies tomorrow involving a card which my friend Jean, sent me not so long ago. 
Basically, you just die cut a frame and topper and glue half the frame one side and half the topper on the other side, so that when the card is shut, they interlock.
Here are some I made very quickly ready for the demo tomorrow:

I photographed the circular one twice to try and give you an idea of how they work a bit better.

Here are the pictures of the cards we made today at Llindas:

The last one was stamped and embossed on acetate and all were on the theme 'Bon Voyage'.
All for now, Tina x